Our dogs
        Minna (f)
        Monica (f)
        Garance (f)
        Carla (f)
        Dolly (f)

For TT Ladies
        Monet (m)
        Jules (m)
        Texas (m)
        Elvis (m)
        Benjy (m)






  Lydie falled in love for Tibetan Terriers in 1980. It was in Ladakh Lha Chen kennel, and the breeder was our friend Claude Million. Claude offered Tha´s to Lydie and this is how it started... Tha´s became International champion.

Franšois had his first briard in 1979, PÔquerette de Veaubresson. When he finished his studies, he went to another town for work, living in a flat and the dogs stayed at home with his parents. He missed dogs. He balanced with TT's, and finally took another Briard, French and Swiss Champion Esmeralda des Sansouires du Boumian, who gave us the first Sun Kosi litter.

We both knew we have to learn a lot about Tibetan Terriers. And where to learn the more if not in England where all started ? We went to Crufts, Tibetan Terrier Club Shows where we met very famous and talented breeders. The quality we saw there was excellent : homogeneity in size, coat quality, movment, tailset, short back......
It gave us the wish to know more about TT's in other countries. And we saw some high quality dogs in Nordic countries, USA....

We don't pretend to have THE truth about TT's. But we made our choice : a typical TT, sturdy with elegant look,  no coarseness, a coat easy to groom, good reach of neck and high tailset, short back, good mover. Our breeding program is to mix English - Nordic - USA bloodlines.

Temperament and health are prepotent, and all our dogs are very well socialised and eyes + hips cleared.

We want to have a special mention to our very dear friends, John and Dorothy Hunter, Carolyn and Michelle Amaral (Sakura Roji kennel) for their help, support and their very precious friendship : thanks to our american family, we dedicate this site to them !