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August 18, 2011
Litter section updated (puppies available beginning of September)

First we would like to say how impressed we are with the wonderful results made by Multi CH & BIS Atisha Blanc de Noir (Picasso) bred by our friend Sheryl Schultis (Top kennel Atisha) and shown and cared with talent by Zsolt Hano and team : 30 BIS, Reserve-BIS, Specialty BIS or Supreme BISs in 11 different countries !
We think these unbelievable results are unique in our breed, and will help to promote the breed !
Picasso is co-owned by Sheryl, Eva and ourselves.

Due to a very busy year, we made few shows these last months, but we got some successes :
His daughter Atisha's The Toast of Tralee living at Sun Kosi is now French, Swiss and International Champion. She got also 1st place in Champion Class in Switzerland (Club Show) with well known breeder-judge Mark James (Waterley Kennel).

Sun Kosi Dansons la Karmagnole (Karma - from Garance and Monet, brother to Picasso) is now International Champion, and we were very proud of the BIS she got in Belgium (Club Show) under respected breeder-judge Sue Dykes (Kashi Kennel).

Atisha All that Glitters is not Gold got also very good results in young class including R.BIS at the Belgian Club Show. She will bring 
her touch of blond to the next Sun Kosi generations.

June 28, 2010 Back from the World Dog Show in Denmark where we were so happy and pride to see  Multi CH Atisha's Blanc de Noir "Picasso" winning 1 CAC-CACIB-Best of Breed and  beein select in the Group 9 !
Bravo to his breeder and our friend  Sheryl Rutledge, Atisha Kennel and to Zsolt for his excellent handling.

Congratulations to his half sister Ch Tripitaka Winter Blues, sher owner and her breeders Sean & Cathy Lyndon from Tripitaka Kennel who won also the Word title !

Multi CH Sun Kosi Un Amour de Jules is very proud of his daughter and of his son.

Some pictures soon.

Thanks Ulrika for your help during these days !

Back to home, Picasso is still humble ! At this moment he is in the garden, relaxing with his Sun Kosi fans.

Puppy on the welcoming page is Sun Kosi Fleur de Lys, aka Aixa. She is living in Palma de Majorque with Margalidawho takes care of her with love, http://aixa-fleurdelys.blogspot.com/

May 14, 2010 New pics of the puppies in litters section

May 4, 2010
10 BB's are born beginning of April from Sun Kosi Calligragillistic  and US CH Atisha's Connemara Mist. More details in litters section. enquiries welcome.

Sorry for the lacks of news in the last months, but no news doesn't mean nothin happened ! New pictures soon.

We are proud to welcome  multi CH Atisha's Blanc de Noir (Picasso), brother to Monet and Top TT USA 2009 CH Atsiha's VSOP Courvoisier.
He comes from famous kennel Atisha of our very good friend Sheryl Rutledge (merci !), and is the son of  Multi CH Sun Kosi Un Amour de Jules and  CH Atisha 's Firebird in Paradise.

Picasso and Zsolt Hano, juge Mr Frank Kane

Flying Picasso in Limoges 2010

Since he touched the ground of Europe, Picasso won twice the BOB at the Nationale of Club des Chiens Tibétains de France. A very impressive palmares as he also won twice the BIS in Lausanne 2009,  BIS in Lubjana 2010, the BIS of famous Goteborg show in Sweden,  The BIS  in Limoges 2010. Without forgeting the R.BIS  in Fribourg 2010, RBIS in Bourg en Bresse 2010 and Montluçon 2010.
He won  Group 1 in Saint Etienne 2009, and CAC-CACIB + BOB in Milano et Bergamme 2010.
In a limited time he is French, Sweden, Luxembourg (where he got BOB)) champion. Well done my boy !

A big thank you to our friend Zsolt Hano from Hungary (handler) for his wonderful handlings in Sweden, Switzerland, Italia, Luxembourg and Slovenia.

His daughter CH Atisha's The Toast of Tralee (mother Balladine Scrumptious at Tripitaka) won the 2 CACIB in Lausanne 2009, Milano and Bergamme 2009, the CACIB in Bourg en Bresse 2009 and Montluçon 2010 and the R.CACIB in Luxembourg 2010.
We expect a lot from this young girl, both for shows and breeding (will we get the sable touch ?? thanks Sheryl !)

His niece (daughter from Monet and Garance) Sun Kosi Dansons la Karmagnole is 18 month old and already won CACIB  in Bordeaux 2009 (BOB), in Fribourg 2010 the first day,  Limoges 2010.
She also got the R.CAC at the National 2010.

Oct. 11, 2009 Puppies from Dolly and Chakra are growing well. They are beautifil and healthy puppies. Some BB's are still available.

Sept. 26, 2009
Because some professional and family reasons, the website has not been updated for a while. It doesn's mean nothing did happen !

Sun Kosi Chagan is now Swiss and International Champion.

Sun Kosi Chanti is French Champion (with BOB at the National Championshipshow).

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata is Luxembourg and Swiss Champion.
Sun Kosi Champs Elysées got several CACIB in different countries.

Sun Kosi United Colors of Love got a litter with Chagan this summer.

Atisha Connemara Mist (Connor - eyes + hips OK) is now in France. He was very honoured to get the visit of 2 french Champion  (Kuo Yarlung Namtso and du Vent Levant kennel). Picture soon.

And last but not least, a new litter, from CH Dolly and CH Kuo Yarlung Namtso is born. The BB's (1 F and 5 M) are 10 days old.

Dec. 14, 2008

Dresden, pretty 3 months black and white female,
is available.

parents : Dolly X Jules

Oct. 5, 2008
Nouvelle pics of BB's on litter page.

Minna, 11 years

Minna's son (with kyn Shakra)
father of the litter with Dolly

Sept. 26, 2008
Jules and Dolly puppies
2 weeks

Sept. 21, 2008
Jules and Dolly puppies
10 days

Multi CH Atisha Moet et Chandon
Jules and Eden's son
Breeder : Sheryl Schultis (Atisha kennel)

Sept. 20, 2008 Puppies are there

Sun Kosi Tara
Living happily with Katilla !

August 31, 2008
Sun Kosi Chanti
11 months
( Sun Kosi Very Elvis X Sadi Ya's Beautiful Queen)

Chanti and his owner
Lama Jigme Rinpoche

Lama Jigme Rinpoche told us he allways has had dogs including Tibetan Terrier since his childhood in Tibet. We are honoured to see one of our BB's with him.

August 11, 2008
CH Atisha Dolly Momma
after 1 CAC-CACIB-BOB in Brives 2008
is expecting her first litter with

multi CH Sun Kosi Un Amour de Jules

birth expected mid september 2008

July 15, 2008 Sun Kosi Chagan Lha Khang
CAC BOB in Bulle 2008 (CH)
selected in the group

CAC-CACIB BOB in Lucerne (CH) le 22.06.2008
BOB in Lucerne (CH) le 21.06.2008
Well done and thanks Michèle (Lha Khang kennel) !

Sun Kosi Champs Elysées
CAC-CACIB BOB in La Rochelle 2008
And Best of Group !!

Congrats Guy et Marijo (du Vent Levant kennel) !

Chagan and Charlotte are brother and sister,
from Monica and Monet.

May 24, 2008 Lyon 2008
France Championshipshow
judge : Mr Dupas (F)
Atisha Dolly Momma
Breed. Sheryl Schultis
French Champion
(pending )

Sun Kosi Champs Elysées
2 Exc (Intermediate Class)

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata
1 Exc (Champion Class)

May 24, 2008
For daily life or shows,
thanks for making them happy!




Bogoss Ugo












May 18, 2008 Sun Kosi Chagan Lha Khang
Swiss Youth Champion

Saint Gallen 2008 (Switzerland)
only 16 months old....
1 CAC R.CACIB (judge Mr Opara (PL))
1 CAC CACIB (judge Mr Muller (CH))

Congratulations to Michèle Forchelet (Lha Khang kennel) !


Atisha Dolly Moma
Eleveur : S. Schultis-Rutledge

Badajoz 2008 (Spain)
1 CAC-CACIB-BOB (judge Mr Michael Forte (Irl.))

Elvas 2008 (Portugal)
1 CAC-CACIB-BOB (judge Mr Philip John (India))

Both times selected in the group.

Apr. 24, 2008
litters and Jules sections have been updated

Sun Kosi Ache Lhamo Tara
1 CAC-CACIB in Trencin 2008
avec BOB le 26/01/08 (judge : Mr Kanas (SK))
1st Champion 2008 in Budapest 2008
with BOB on 16/12/07 (judge : Mr Stanton (S))
1 CAC-CACIB in Nyitra 2008
on 04/11/07 (judge : Mr Kanas (SK))

Sun Kosi Benjy Boy
2 R.CAC-R.CACIB in Montluçon 2008
(judge : Mme Métans (F))

Sun Kosi Bogotana

Group 2 under Mr Stanton (S)

Sun Kosi Champs Elysées
several TP et 1 Exc.
Bourges 2008
Best Young
Young Group 1
BIS young 2

Limoges 2008
judge : Mr Cassandre Mattera (F)
Atisha Dolly Momma

Tibetan Terrier Club of America
National Specialty Show 2008

First, a very big "Thank You" to Sheryl Schultis (Atisha) for organisation of this wonderful week and all the good moments shared with her and  Lydon family (Tripitaka).
Congratulations to Atisha kennel,  successfully represented in Europe by top winning dogs, for the great results achieved with "Excellence and Elegance" :
- Best Breeder
- Best Stud Dog (multi CH Atisha's Blazing Black Adder with Ti La Shu Katia and Sun Kosi Balanciaga a Moon for Love)
- Best Brood Bitch (CH Atisha's Firebird in Paradise "Eden" with Atisha's Moët et Chandon "Monet" and his brother Atisha's VSOP Courvoisier "Ravel")
- Winners Bitch (multi CH Atisha's Journey Tripitaka who is now US Champion)
- Reserve Winners Dog (multi CH Atisha's Moët et Chandon "Monet"  who won his class on this day and is now UC Champion)
The Legend is going on... ;-)

We are very proud of Monet's results.
Jules congrats Eden for their "coproduction" : Ravel is #1 in total number of TTs beaten in the US right now
, congratulations to his owner Mrs Joyce Abotte (Bootiff) and his handler Pamela Desrosiers.

Multi CH Atisha's Moët et Chandon

Dec. 1, 2007
Club Show 2007
judge : Mrs Elina Happaniemi (Fin)

Intermediate Male Class
1 Exc Sun Kosi Benjy Boy
( félicitations à Marc et Geneviève !)

Open Male Class
1 Exc CAC-BOB Atisha's Moët et Chandon

Female Beginner Class
1 TP Sun Kosi Champs Elysées

Female Open Class
2 Exc R.CAC Atisha's Dolly Moma
3 Exc Sun Kosi Bodhiful Ashad

Thanks to all who made this day a wonderful day, Sheryl (Atisha kennel), Marc, Geneviève, Guy, Marijo and Catherine....
and of course mrs Happaniemi !

 We are also happy to say the legend have had an happy ending !

(multi CH Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata)
have had a big love love story with
(Boshanti Roméo),

 She is the proud mother of a litter of 6 puppies (4 M and 2 F, all black and white) born on Nov. 29 in du Vent Levant kennel

Thanks Krista for your help !
( Boshanti kennel )

Nov. 10, 2007

Carla and Elvis puppy
5 weeks

Nov. 5, 2007

Metz 2007
judge : Mrs Claudine Metans (F)

Atisha's Moet et Chandon
Open Class
New pics

Atisha's Dolly Moma

Open Class

Welcome to the SUN KOSI family

A very big thank you to Sheryl Rutledge-Schultis (Atisha Kennel) for her trust and friendship. Her work in the breed for 20 years is well known everywhere and gets top honours in showrings everywhere in the world. 
Dolly, first a member of the family, will give us "Excellence with Elegance" qualities, typical of her bloodline.

July 28, 2007
No news for a while, but it doesn't mean nothing happened ! Some news....

Carla and Elvis got puppies.
Have a look on Litters.

Monet is now Luxembourg Champion
(he got CAC-CACIB-BOB in Luxembourg)
He also got CAC-CACIB-BOB
and R.CAC
in Lausanne 2007

his son
Sun Kosi Chagan Lha Khang
Best Young TT
both days in Lausanne

We introduce
Sun Kosi Benjy Boy
17 months
( SK Un Amour de Jules X SK Velvet Victory Idriss)
Thanks to Geneviève and Marc !

Sun Kosi  Ache Lhamo Tara
1 CAC-CACIB in Budapest 2007
with BOB le 20/10
1 CAC in Zageb / Eurodogshow 2007

her sister
Sun Kosi Achad Bodhiful
1 CAC-CACIB-BOB Pontoise 2007

July 28, 2007
Delays due to a crash computer and very busy days. We lost mails from March 24 to June 26, so you can send again mails during this period.

Some News

The "boys" :
Atisha's Moet et Chandon
1 CAC-CACIB in Lyon
1 CAC-BOB in Bulle (Suisse)

Sun Kosi Un Américain à Paris
1 CACIB-BOB in Niort
1 CACIB in Angers
( Thanks Marie-Pierre & Patrick )

Sun Kosi Baron of Atisha
 ( Atisha Black Adder X Sun Kosi United Colors of Love )
US Champion
( Thanks Sheryl )

Sun Kosi Chagan Lhakhang
( Atisha Moët & Chandon X Mikudi Monica Lu )
1 Best Puppy TT in Bulle (Suisse)
( Thanks Michèle & Michel )

The "girls" :
Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata
1 CACIB-BOB in Angers 
1 CACIB- BOB in Besançon
1 CACIB- BOB in La Rochelle
1 BOB in Dinard
( Thanks Marijo & Guy )

Sun Kosi Ache Lhamo Tara
1 CAC in Zagreb (European Show)
( Congratulations Katilla ! )

Sun Kosi United Colors of Love

Sun Kosi Bodhiful Ashad
1 CAC-CACIB-BOB in Mantes la Jolie
( Thanks Catherine )

Sun Kosi Viva Arya Lhakhang
1 CAC-BOS in Bulle (Suisse)
( Thanks Michèle & Michel )

Sun Kosi Bogotana

( Merci Jean-Marc)

Sun Kosi Champs Elysées
( Atisha Moët & Chandon X Mikudi Monica Lu )
1 TP in Dinard
( Thanks Marijo & Guy )

  May 8, 2007

Sun Kosi Balenciaga a Moon for Love
"Lily Rose"
 ( Atisha Black Adder X Sun Kosi United Colors of Love )

ATISHA kennel

Lily already got 2 Best of Winners

Thanks Sheryl !

We are very proud of results got by Lily,
back where lived her american family,

great daughter of Sakura Roji Pashmina Sun
born to our friends, Hunter-Amaral family

  May 1, 2007

( Atisha's Moët et Chandon )
is happy to welcome is family on the net


  Apr. 17, 2007

Monaco 2007
judge : Mr Michael Forte (IRL)
Atisha's Moet et Chandon
Open Class

Sun Kosi United Colors of Love
Open Class

Garance is now
Monaco Champion

Congratulations to Shakta
( Tenzing kennel)
Atisha Lafayette's daughter
who got 2 R.CAC-R.CACIB

She also got 1 CAC-CACIB
in San Remo show

Papa 2007
judge : Mme Zsuzsanna Balogh (H)
Sun Kosi Ache Lhamo Tara

  Apr. 3, 2007

I forgot !
Sorry Katilla

Nitra 2007
juge : Mme Libuse Ubrova (CZ)

Sun Kosi Ache Lhamo Tara


  Apr. 2, 2007


BB's are now living with their new families
We wish them and owners a lof of happiness

Some Show Results

Luxembourg 2007
jugge : Mme Lisbeth Mach (CH)
Atisha's Moet et Chandon
Open Class

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata
Champion Class
Juliette is now
Luxembourg and International Champion

Congratulations to Rowan
( Atisha Black Adder )
1 CAC-CACIB-BOB in Champion Class
and Group 3

Valence 2007
judge Mme Drouillard (F)
Atisha's Moet et Chandon

Sun Kosi United Colors of Love

And Bogotana
Uruguay Youth Champion

Besos Bogotana !!

  Feb. 23, 2007


BB's Monet X Monica
6 weeks

The Boys

The Girls


  Feb. 17, 2007

Bourges (F)
judge Mr Dupas(F)
Atisha Moët et Chandon


then Group III
judge :  Mrs Mery (F)

  Feb. 12, 2007

Fribourg (CH) 2007
Monet had his first fan, thanks Sheryl for coming to support him ! Because "he worthes it" !!
And all the good times

judge Mr Muller(CH)

President of FCI
Atisha Moët et Chandon


Sun Kosi Viva Aria Lha Khang
4 Exc

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata


judge Mme Holm(Fi)

Atisha Moët et Chandon


Sun Kosi Viva Aria Lha Khang

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata
Selected in the Group

  Feb. 2, 2007

Chili Young Champion
Congratulations !


  Jan. 28, 2007

New pics in Litters section

  Jan. 27, 2007

Black Velvet aka Beauty in the snow
Own. Véronique & Stéphanie
10 months
Jules X Eidriss

  Jan. 23, 2007

Movie 1
New pics in Litters section

  Jan. 21, 2007


  Jan. 19, 2007

All the family

The Boys

The Girls

  Jan. 16, 2007

First pics

  Jan. 13, 2007 

Monica and Monet's puppies are there !

3 females and 2 males
All is going well
and the father is very proud !

pictures soon

  Jan. 9, 2007 

Le Bourget 2007
judge Mme Botussi (F)

Atisha Moët et Chandon
Selected in the Group
First Show in Open Class for Monet, second show since his arrival in France. He is only 15 months old !
Congratulations to his breeder
Sheryl Schultis / Atisha

Sun Kosi Ashad Bodhiful
1 Exc in Intermediate Class

Monica's babies are waited for this week

  Dec. 28, 2006 

We introduce you
Prod. Sheryl Schultis

HD Good / Eyes OK
( Multi CH SK Un Amour de Jules X CH Atisha's Firebird in Paradise)

Monet is the father of  Monica's next litter
BB's expected for mid-January 2007


  Dec. 16, 2006

Budapest CAC - Derby Show
judge Mme Annamaria Tarja (H)

Sun Kosi Ache Lhamo Tara
Derby Winner

  Dec. 2, 2006

CCTF Club Show
judge Mrs Claudine Metans (F)

Sun Kosi Un Américain à Paris
(KYN Shakra-Patan X Sajura Roji Pashmina Sun)
Champion Class : 1 Exc

Atisha's Moet et Chandon
(SK Un Amour de Jules X Atisha's Firebird in Paradise)
breeder : Mrs Sheryl Rutledge / ATISHA
Young Class : 1 Exc

Sun Kosi Ashad Bodhiful
(SK Un Américain à Paris X Sadi-Ya's Beautiful Queen)
Intermediate Class : 1 Exc

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata
(SK Un Amour de jules X Mikudi Monica Lu)
Open Class : 3 Exc

Sun Kosi United Colours of Love
(KYN Shakra-Patan X Sajura Roji Pashmina Sun)
Champion Class : 1 Exc - BOB

Sun Kosi Boreale's Aurora
(Atisha's Blazing Black Adder X SK United Colours of Love)
Puppy Class : 1 TP

Sun Kosi Black Velvet
(SK Un Amour de Jules X SK Velvet Victory Idriss)
Puppy Class : 3 TP

1er Breeding Class

A very big Thank You to owners !!


Congratulations to
After Hyphen du Moulin de la Durandière
BIS Young
Un Américain à Paris X Tressy du Moulin de la Durandière)

Buenos Aeres
Sun Kosi Bogotana
( Jules X Eidriss)

Best of Breed on 3 days
Group 3 on Friday
Group 3 on Saturday
Group 4 on Sunday

Best TT 2006 in Argentina.
We are very proud
of our "Chiquita".


a Nov. 12, 2006

We are very proud of the results got by Sun Kosi
in other countries.

 TT Slovak Club Show
judge Mrs Monika Brezovà (SK)

Sun Kosi Ache Lhamo Tara
Club Winner

She also got 1 CAC-CACIB in Nitra
under Libuse Ubrova (CZ)

Well done !!

 La Pampa (Arg)

Pic Rosario Can Club
Sun Kosi Bogotana
( Jules X Eidriss)

Got Best of Breed
then Best of Group
then Best in Show 5

  Nov. 1, 2006


movie 1      movie 2      movie 3
movie 4      movie 5      movie 6

Elvis is the father of 12 puppies !
Both parents are cleared for eyes  and hips
contact :
Patricia Lichtlin


some Elvis puppies are also available :
Elise et Thierry Dubois


Juliette (SK Verona Inamorata) is now championne de France
Congratulations and thanks to Marijo et Guy Beucher


Nantes 2006
judge Mr Cuny (F)

Sun Kosi Un Americain à Paris

Sun Kosi Verona Inamorata


Orléans 2006
judge Mr de Guinea Martines (SP)

Sun Kosi Verona Inamorata


  Oct. 7, 2006

Look on the top.....
don't notice some similarities ??...

Normal, it's uncle Jules and mum Garance !!

Baron et Lily Rose
( Rowan X Garance)
6 months


I have something else to do!!

Lily Rose

no, I won't look at you !!

  Oct. 2, 2006

Rosario (Argentine), October 1

Pic Rosario Can Club
Sun Kosi Bogotana
( Jules X Eidriss)
6 months


M. JUAN RIVERA        RES Best Of Group

Overall view of the group


  Sept. 26 2006

Sun Kosi Bogotana
( Jules X Eidriss)
6 months

Lamboley family, Argentina
Best in Show 5

We are very happy to see one Sun Kosi TT shown
successfully in South America.
Congratulations to Silvia Tojo for a very clean handling
Thanks to her family for the good cares

A big thank to Anita (Briards de la Maison de Suzie),
Eidriss owner, for "collaboration" !


  Sept. 24 2006


Yesterday Véronique et Stéphanie visited us,

6 months
( Rowan X Garance)

6 months
( Jules X Eidriss )

Thanks for all the good cares !

Evian 2006
judge Mme Botussi (F)

Sun Kosi United Colors of Love

Sun Kosi Viva Aria Lha Khang

Sun Kosi Very Elvis
2e Exc


  August 22 2006

Château Gontier 2006
judge Mme Mery (F)

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata

Group 1

Exc outline - Exc size 37,5 cm
coat of excellent texture + condition
feminine head of good type. - Excellent teeth
Exc skull/muzzle - Exc eye in shape +colour
 square body, energetic and muscled - Exc topline
parallele front - Exc backlegs - Exc move -
Spectacular TT, very elegant in move....
just needs more wisdom !

Congratulations to Guy et Marie Jo.
We will allways like the "TT's just want to have fun " attitude, typical of Monica's legacy !!

  August 21 2006

Sun Kosi Ache Lamo Tara

  August 20 2006

Sun Kosi Ache Lamo Tara
( Texas X Carla)
Already Youth Hungrian Champion
Youth Slovakian Champion

CACIB Show - Bratislava
Judge: Guidetti Marina (I)
Exc1, CAJC

Congratulations to Tara / Katilla team !

  August 15 2006


Pics L. Pret (thanks)
Sun Kosi Very Elvis
On Châtelguyon's day

  August 14 2006

Châtelguyon 2006
juge Mme Custot (Suisse)

Sun Kosi Very Elvis

Sun Kosi Asiane
1 Exc - Best young

Sun Kosi United Colours of Love
1 Exc - BOB in champion Class

Mikudi Monica Lu
2 Exc - in champion class

Sakura Roji Pashmina Sun
 1 Exc - in veteran class

Winning come back for Garance, as she took BOG then BIS according all the judges, her puppies are just 4,5 months old !

Thanks to all !

This day, Sun Kosi Benjy Boy visited us.
5 months
Jules X Eidriss


  August 12 2006

Some pics of Jules, taken today..


  August 10 2006

Sun Kosi Ache Lamo Tara
( Texas X Carla)
HD B/B - ERG Clear

Jaroslav Matyaš (SK)
Exc 1, CAJC

Tatjana Urek (SLO)
Exc 1, CAJC, BOB

We are very proud of Tara
and of the beautiful work made by Katilla.

  August 9 2006

Asiane on the beach

Tara, just relax !

No updates for the last months, but a new job, babies kept us very busy...

Lily rose
( Atisha black Adder X Garance)
4 months

( Atisha black Adder X Garance)
4 months

( Jules X Eidriss)
4 months

( Jules X Eidriss)
4 months

With help of friends, Sun Kosi's  TT were successfully on the rings. Thanks to them. Just to mention :

Le Bourget 2006
de France
 juge Mr Mansencal (France)

Sun Kosi Un Américain à Paris
 1 CACIB - in Champion Class

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata
 1 CAC-CACIB-BOB - in intermediaire Class
Group selected

French title pending

Sun Kosi
Ashad Bodhiful

 2 Exc - in Young Class


Ashad (France) and Tara (Slovakia) are hips "B"
Tara is clear for eyes (ERG)


  May 25 2006

Rutja is gone. he has been very happy, very loved by Timo.
And he loved very much Timo.

Multi CH Sun Kosi L'Etoile Noire
Good Bye my "Big Boy", and thanks Timo, for all...

  May 8 2006

Exposition regroupant les 3 clubs VDH
Félicitations à

Atisha Blazing Black Adder
Breeder-owner S. Rutledge / co-owner-handler Rauhut family
Rowan is the sire of Garance's litter.

  May 2 2006

BB's pics

  April 23 2006


TATA 2006 (Hongrie)

( Texas X Carla )
10 months
Youth Hungarian Champion

2006/04/22 / Judge: Sárközy Gyula (H)
Best young TT, HPJ

2006/04/23 / Judge: Bánhidi Pálné (H)
Best young TT, HPJ

selected in the 3 best Young for BOG
(judge : Korózs András (H) )

With the third HPJ (in 3 shows - Best young TT each time), Tara is now Young Champion of Hungaria.
We are very proud of our Tara, and a big Thank You to  Katilla and her friends for their passion for dogs !

  April 17 2006


Jules Eidriss

  April 16 2006

Monaco 2006
judge Mr Malo Alcrudo (Spain)

Sun Kosi Un Amour de Jules

Jules, International, France, Swiss Champion, is now Monaco Champion after his second win in Monaco  (Pending).
A very big thank you to his owners Josy and Jean for all the cares, Jules is a very happy TT !

Jules Eidriss

Rowan Garance


  April 12 2006

Limoges 2006
judge Mme Desserne (France)

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata
1 CAC-CACIB - Best of Breed

Group 2 (Mme Mery)

  April 3 2006

Video BB's de Jules X Eidriss - 6 days

  April 2 2006

( Texas X Carla )
F irst show in Hungary: Best young TT, HPJ
Congratulations to Katilla !
and THANKS for the nice job you do.

Jules X Idriss litter

Rowan X Garance litter

  March 30 2006

Les BB's de Rowan et Garance
sont nés, 2 mâles et 3 femelles

Video BB's Jules X Eidriss

  March 28 2006

( Texas X Carla )

Les BB's de Jules et Eidriss
(2 days old)


  March 28 2006

Jules and Eidriss' BB's are born
3 males et 2 females, from 220g to 260 g

Under Anita's experted eyes,
mummy and BB's are OK

  March 24 2006

Easy life for Asiane

  March 23 2006

Sun Kosi Viva Aria Lha-Khang
owned by Mrs Forchelet (Lha Khang (CH) )

Jules X Eidriss

Radio  : BB's can be seen


  Feb. 24 2006

It's with a gret pleasure
we will welcome puppies end of March
More infos on


  Feb. 13 2006

Niort 2006
judge Mrs Mery (France)

Sun Kosi Un Américain à Paris
Group 1

his son
Amchu des Rives du Nam Tso
BIS Young
(judge Mrs Moreau de Vincennes)

Congratulations to owners, handlers and breeders

  Feb. 11 2006

Sun Kosi Very Elvis
14  months
new pics on his webpage

  Jan. 15 2006

Bordeaux 2005
judge Mr Mansencal (F)

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata
1 Exc - Best Young TT - BOB - Group 3

Sun Kosi Velvet Victory Eidriss


  Jan. 10 2006

Sun Kosi Vernice
( soeur d'Elvis, Juliette et Aria )

  Jan. 9 2006

Vincennes 2005
judge Mr SCHEMEL (Autrichien)

Sun Kosi Verona Innamorata
1 Exc - Best Young TT
Very nice type - Exc size - Exc shape - Exc expression - Good chin - Correct bones - Well marked hocks - Exc shape for age - Very well presented - Exc move

Thanks to Marijo and Guy
to represent succesfully our kennel as we couldn't be there.

  Jan. 1 2006

Juliette (Jules X Monica) is HD B &  eyes OK.

Tara, near Xmas Tree

  Jan. 1 2006  

New clothes for the Sun Kosi website..... We hope you will like !

And Elvis ( HD A - ERG Clear ) has his own page now.

Some snowy pics of Tara
Congratulations to Zsófi , the photograph
more on her homepage : http://tibetke.briard-eu.com/

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